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NEXT is a weekly radio show and podcast hosted by John Dankosky, based at WNPR in Hartford, Connecticut and powered by the New England News Collaborative.

Our laboratory is all of New England — one of America's oldest places — at a time of change.

Through original reporting and interviews, we ask important questions about the issues we explore: where are we now? How did we get here? And what's next?


Post Office Mural Depicting ‘Cruel’ Native Americans Sparks Debate In N.H. Town

August 22, 2017

While New Hampshire isn’t seeing much debate over old confederate monuments, at a post office in Durham, a 1950’s-era mural is raising questions about race and another uncomfortable chapter from our nation’s history.


Building An Ark For New England’s Rare Plants, Seed By Seed

August 22, 2017

In New England, 22 percent of the region’s native plants are considered rare. Some of them are on the federal list of endangered species. Biologists worldwide and locally have been saving crop seeds, and seeds from other plants important to the ecosystem.


A Debate Over Speech As A Boston Common Rally Is Cut Short

August 22, 2017

Police estimate that 40,000 people converged on Boston Common on Saturday to protest a few dozen people attending what organizers called a free speech rally.

With ‘Ask A Muslim Anything’ Events, N.H. Man Hopes To Tackle Misunderstandings Around His Faith

August 15, 2017

Many Muslim-Americans will tell you that this is a tough time for them. From the 9/11 attacks to President Trump’s proposed travel ban, Muslims in America feel besieged by discrimination and misunderstanding.

So Robert Azzi, a Lebanese-American Muslim who lives in Exeter, New Hampshire, is hoping to clear up some of that misunderstanding by encouraging dialogue with an invitation to “Ask a Muslim Anything.”

Crucial, Century-Old, And Sometimes Stuck: Connecticut Bridge Is Key To Northeast Corridor

August 15, 2017

Every day nearly a million commuters travel on the Northeast Corridor — the vast rail network between Washington, D.C. and Boston.

Many of those passengers cross over a small river in the coastal city of Norwalk, Connecticut. But the only way for a train to get across that river is on the Walk Bridge — a 120-year-old “swing bridge.”


Hundreds Of Asylum-Seekers Continue To Stream Into Quebec

August 15, 2017

The number of asylum-seekers fleeing the U.S. into Canada is surging this summer, with nearly 800 people illegally walking into Quebec in June alone.


New Hampshire Water Activists Hope Health Survey Will Push State To Act

August 7, 2017

Over a year ago, residents near Merrimack, New Hampshire learned their drinking water had been contaminated by emissions from a plastics plant owned by the multinational company, Saint-Gobain.


Maine Utilities Compete To Supply Electricity To Massachusetts

August 7, 2017

Bids are in for a slew of large-scale clean electricity projects that could influence New England’s energy landscape — and maybe its physical landscape — for decades.


‘Hit First And Worst’: Region’s Communities Of Color Brace For Climate Change Impacts

July 27, 2017

The consequences of climate change, experts say, will disproportionately affect low-income communities and communities of color.

From ‘Sewer’ to Beautiful: Paddling 400 Miles on New England’s Longest River

July 27, 2017

The Connecticut River springs to life in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, just a few hundred yards from the Canadian border.