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Our laboratory is all of New England — one of America's oldest places — at a time of change.

Through original reporting and interviews, we ask important questions about the issues we explore: Where are we now? How did we get here? And what's next?

Episode 200: Experts Answer Social Distancing Questions; Advocates Seek Aid For Immigrant Dairy Workers

May 28, 2020

Even as restrictions loosen in New England, uncertainties remain over how to avoid spreading COVID-19. This week on NEXT, medical experts answer listener questions about staying safe in this newest reality. And immigrant workers on Vermont’s dairy farms are considered essential, but they’re not getting coronavirus aid from the government. Plus, a birder coaxes Purple Martins back to Cape Cod.


Episode 199: The Complications of Reopening; Students Sue Universities in New England Over Remote Classes

This week on NEXT: A slow reopening is now underway in every New England state. But the uncertainty over COVID-19 is prompting some businesses on Cape Cod to scale back or not reopen at all. Plus, colleges in New England are facing lawsuits from students who allege they didn’t get the education they paid for this spring. And we hear about a laughing club that is trying to bring levity to current circumstances.

Episode 198: New Hampshire Beaches Closed To Deter Out-of-Staters; Can Summer Camps Open Their Doors?

As parts of New England reopen, states are working to protect themselves from visitors. This week on NEXT, New Hampshire is wary of beachgoers from Massachusetts. And despite hiccups distributing stimulus money to small businesses, some bankers are working overtime to secure funds. Plus, Maine summer camps wonder if they can open this year.

Episode 197: Families Consider Removing Loved Ones From Nursing Home Hotspots; The C-19 Blues

This week on NEXT, New England states are still competing for COVID-19 testing supplies. But researchers at Yale University are studying new saliva tests that show promise. Plus, we hear from a country singer in Rhode Island about this catchy lyric: “Six feet apart or six feet under.”