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Our laboratory is all of New England — one of America's oldest places — at a time of change.

Through original reporting and interviews, we ask important questions about the issues we explore: Where are we now? How did we get here? And what's next?

Episode 206: Tackling The Anticipated Rise In Evictions; Investing In ‘Green’ Pandemic Recovery

July 9, 2020

Eviction cases are expected to soar this summer. This week on NEXT, the debate over extending an eviction moratorium. Plus, a recent night of vandalism in Providence, Rhode Island, was blamed on “outside agitators” — the story is much more complicated. And 16 ideas for investing in a green pandemic recovery.


Episode 205: Tips For Avoiding Coronavirus As States Reopen; The U.S.’s Worst COVID-19 Racial Disparity Is In Maine

This week on NEXT, how to stay safe during a pandemic as reopening continues in New England. Plus, Maine has the worst racial disparity for coronavirus infections in the country — we’ll talk about why. And a tattoo artist that covers up racist tattoos for free gets an uptick in requests.

Episode 204: Declaring Racism A Public Health Crisis; The Hidden History Of Black Vermonters

This week on NEXT, we talk about the different ways racism has become a public health crisis. Plus, the story of recent efforts to resurface the history of Vermont’s 19th century Black communities after some residents tried to cover it up. And unexpected lessons from scientific inventions that have transformed our lives.

Episode 203: How Zoning Rules Can Perpetuate Segregation; #BlackintheIvory Rises As Scholars Talk Racism In Academia

Racial segregation is a modern-day problem. This week on NEXT, we hear from an expert on how zoning rules continue to perpetuate segregation in New England. And we interview the co-founder of #BlackintheIvory about racism in academia. Plus, how can we cut carbon emissions during and after a pandemic?