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Call Me Ishmael

Moby Dick is having a moment in New Bedford


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Councilor Says N.H. Liquor Commission Aiding Cross-Border ‘Money Laundering’ Scheme

February 16, 2018

The liquor commission, which reported record-breaking $698.2 million in sales last year, acknowledges no such wrongdoing — and, in turn, accuses Volinsky of conducting a “sting operation” in an attempt to turn the agency into a “political football.”


Upper Valley Business Finding ‘Pay Dirt’ in Food Scraps

February 15, 2018

Jessica Saturley-Hall knew she wanted to start her own business, and she got hooked on the concept of compost. She knew that food scraps produce significantly more methane, a greenhouse gas, when tossed in a landfill, rather than breaking down on their own. So she wondered, what if you could reward people for separating their food waste from their trash.


Public Painting Of Trayvon Martin Sparks Conversations About Racism On Campus

February 15, 2018

An art professor just spent four days publicly painting a six-foot-tall portrait of Trayvon Martin, the black teen whose murder in 2012 polarized the country and ignited a debate on racial profiling and civil rights.


One Square Mile: New Bedford’s Gamble On Offshore Wind Energy

February 15, 2018

For the past eight years, New Bedford has been advocating for offshore wind and preparing their port to service offshore wind projects. But why is the city betting on this industry?

Routine Mailing To Dairy Farmers Included A Rare Note: Suicide Hotline Info

February 15, 2018

For dairy farms in New England, the outlook for milk prices is not good this year. The stress has been tied to suicides among dairy farmers.


Thousands Of Puerto Ricans Coming To New England May Have Trouble Finding Housing

February 15, 2018

Among the thousands of people who left Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit last year, many have come to New England. And for a variety of reasons, they won’t return to the island.


For Puerto Ricans Living On Public Wetland, No FEMA Help To Rebuild

February 15, 2018

Valle Hill is a neighborhood in Puerto Rico that shouldn’t exist.


Win For Northern Pass In Mass. Could Signal Shift Away From Smaller Renewables

January 30, 2018

Massachusetts opted last week for one large power line to cover a big chunk of its energy needs for the next 20-plus years.


Massachusetts Picks Northern Pass For Major Energy Contract

January 29, 2018

Eversource’s Northern Pass transmission line is the sole project picked for long-term energy contract negotiations with Massachusetts.


Lots Of Uncertainty As Mass. Bump Stock Ban Takes Effect Feb. 1

January 29, 2018

Under a new law, Massachusetts gun owners have until Wednesday, Jan. 31 to relinquish bump stocks, which allow rifles to be fired more rapidly.