Eviction Orders Spiked In Connecticut When Federal Moratorium Lapsed

Connecticut got a preview of just how many renters faced eviction when the federal moratorium was lifted for two days.

Before the federal order was reinstated Wednesday, judges in Connecticut signed a surge of orders that allow state marshals to remove tenants and their belongings from their homes.

Yoni Zamir is a legal aid attorney who represents two of the 154 families that judges approved to be evicted while the federal moratorium was lifted Monday and Tuesday.

One had received rental assistance through the state’s UniteCT program, but there was still a small balance it didn’t cover, so the landlord hesitated to drop the eviction case, despite it being a requirement to get the rental assistance. The other, the landlord refused to participate in the rental assistance program, and now the mother and her four children are facing homelessness.

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