Housing Options For Middle-Income Vermonters Worsen During Pandemic

Jessica Frisco, right, and her partner Alex Lockie stand in front of the geodesic dome they purchased recently in Dummerston. (Howard Weiss-Tisman/VPR)

Vermont’s housing market, which was tight before the pandemic, has gotten even worse. The number of homes available in Vermont dropped by almost 70% over the past year, according to the Vermont Association of Realtors.

The trend has jump-started conversations about supporting more middle-income housing across Vermont.

State officials have spent a lot of time and energy in recent years trying to convince people like Jessica Frisco to move to Vermont.

Frisco is a director of quality at a behavioral healthcare network. Even before the pandemic, she was working three-days-a-week from home, in New York City.

She first visited Brattleboro two years ago, when she spent a snowy weekend at a yoga retreat with her partner.

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