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Getting food scraps out of the trash and into the soil will save money and protect the environment. Expert composter Domingo Medina shows you the best ways to do it. Video by Connecticut Public's Ryan Caron King as part of special climate coverage from the New England News Collaborative.

Organizers Priscilla Rivera of City Sports Bar (front left), Juan Uribe of El Paraiso Colombiano Restaurant, Melvin Sanchez of Bomba Radio, and Luis Rivera (back left) and Juan Montano of Fiesta Cafe, at Uribe's restaurant stand for Fiesta Patronales de Holyoke. (Nirvani Williams / NEPM)

Holyoke’s Fiestas Patronales pays homage to festival celebrated in Puerto Rico

Local business owners in Holyoke, Massachusetts, are paying homage to a Puerto Rican festival of the saints this weekend by having their own celebration in the city’s downtown. Commonly known as Fiestas Patronales, the annual celebration is a prominent festival in Puerto Rico where each municipality on the island celebrates one saint. This is the…

A group of asylum seekers, primarily from Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, wait to board a bus on the side of Route 1 in Yarmouth. The new bus route connects the families to Portland, where they can access social services, African grocery stores, and medical facilities. (Ari Snider / Maine)

‘Bus Ambassadors’ help new immigrants navigate southern Maine transit systems

On a recent morning in downtown Portland, a woman named Vitoria was waiting at a bus stop on Congress Street. Vitoria is an asylum-seeker from Angola, who arrived in Maine just a few weeks ago with her husband and two young children. On this day, she was trying to find her way to one of…

Dr. Liisa Selin and Anna Gil watch as research technician Taeva Cohen prepares blood samples for analysis in the pathology lab at the UMass Chan Medical School. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

To solve the mystery of long COVID, researchers look to an older disease

Netia McCray likes to start her day with a cup of coffee. But sometimes, making that cup can be too much. McCray became sick with COVID more than two years ago and never fully recovered. Since then, simple tasks deplete her energy. She still has trouble breathing, moving and thinking clearly. It takes her hours…

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