Stories of our connected and rapidly changing region.



Photo by Liz West via Creative Commons
Photo by Liz West via Creative Commons

About the New England News Collaborative

The New England News Collaborative is telling stories of our connected and rapidly changing region.

The NENC is an eight-station consortium of public media newsrooms. Our multimedia coverage delves into energy usage, climate, transportation, infrastructure, and stories of people and immigration affecting the region.

The NENC includes Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network, WBURMaine Public Broadcasting Network, New Hampshire Public Radio, Vermont Public Radio, New England Public Radio, Rhode Island Public Radio, and WSHU Public Radio.

The Executive Editor of the NENC is John Dankosky, who sees a lot in common among all the New England states, including geography, history, political organization, and personal ties.

Meet The Team

John Dankosky

Executive Editor of NENC
The host of NEXT
The host of WNPR’s 
The Wheelhouse


John Dillon

VPR Reporter 

Annie Ropeik

NHPR Reporter

Fred Bever

MPBN Reporter 

Shannon Dooling

WBUR Reporter 

Cassandra Basler

WSHU Reporter

Avory Brookins

RIPR Reporter

Ryan Caron King

WNPR Digital Reporter

Jill Kaufman

NEPR Reporter