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Wild Churches Bring Religion Outside

A service at the Church of the Woods in New Hampshire. Photo by James Napoli

In early June, twenty-five pastors and spiritual leaders from across the U.S. and Canada gathered at a retreat center in Wisconsin for the first meeting of the Wild Churches Network. The members of this new alliance span denominations from Mennonite to Catholic, but are united in their mission to bring Christian practice together with environmental stewardship. The founder of this eco-theological movement, Reverend Stephen Blackmer, has a congregation in Canterbury, New Hampshire.

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Bridgeport, Connecticut Students Meditate On Actions

As part of the Come and Learn Mindfulness program at Curiale School in Bridgeport, yoga instructor Shinda DeRosa sits cross-legged with her students, encouraging them to place their hands over their hearts and meditate about their loved ones. Photo by Christian Carter for WSHU.

If a student gets in trouble at the Curiale School in Bridgeport, the person they would have to answer to is Eric Sigman, the vice principal who handles disciplinary action. In April Sigman introduced Come and Learn Mindfulness, or CALM, program, a meditation and yoga curriculum. He created it to change the school’s standard disciplinary model that involved sending students to his office if they misbehave.

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Why A Commercial Fisherman Turned To Restorative Ocean Farming

Bren Smith. Photo by Ronald T. Gautreau Jr.

Bren Smith began his career as a commercial fisherman, but now is the owner of Thimble Island Oyster Farm, a 3D restorative ocean farm in Connecticut. He’s also the author of the new book, Eat Like a Fish: My Adventures as a Fisherman Turned Restorative Ocean Farmer.

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