Broadcast Show plays the piano at his studio in Weymouth. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

The producer and musician International Show works out of a recording studio tucked at the back of a hidden storefront in Weymouth. It isn’t glamorous, but it has everything he needs: a computer, mixing console, recording booth and a little electronic keyboard that he plays when he wants to relax.

This is the place where Show, whose given name is Roy Studmire, makes his living. He is something of a jack of all trades: he rents the studio out to recording artists, mixes tracks and produces beats to license and sell. He also records his own music, hip-hop inspired by his Christian faith.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, Show was, as usual, at the studio. His phone sat on the desk next to him, lighting up with texts from clients. Business was picking up, though it was nothing like it was before.

Like most businesses in Massachusetts, Show was forced to shut down last March. He was able to reopen a couple months later, though he worried at the time about accidentally exposing his young son to the virus. “He lives with his mom most of the time, because, you know, she works from home,” Show said. “That’s kind of been one of the hardest parts of [the pandemic], not being able to see him as much as I usually do.”

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