America Amplified: Post-Super Tuesday Special

Asma Elhuni, 43, of Hartford, Vermont, is a community organizer urging a “yes” vote on Question 26 at the Hartford High School on March 3, 2020, in White River Junction, Vermont. (Joe Amon/Connecticut Public/NENC)

It happens every four years: the national media swoop into Super Tuesday states, cover the horse race, and move on — leaving behind voters with a lot left to say about the issues that matter most in their lives. But the conversation doesn’t have to end there.

On Wednesday, March 4, join us for an America Amplified special from the New England News Collaborative.

We talk to voters in Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts to learn what’s on their minds during this important election year.

And we want to hear from you:

  1. What most concerns you about your community or the country in the coming year?
  2. What do you want people to understand about your community or your life?
  3. What issues are motivating you to vote this year?
  4. If you’re not voting, what keeps you from going to the polls?

Send your comments on the above and other questions you have about this year’s election issues on Twitter @NEPRnet, @VPRnet or @mainepublic, or by email to You can also record a voicemail response by calling 207-370-3487.


  • John Dankosky, engagement editor, America Amplified
  • Jane Lindholm, host, Vermont Edition
  • Jennifer Rooks, public affairs host, Maine Calling

Coordinating producer:

  • Lydia Brown, managing producer, Vermont Edition

Production assistance:

Chris Albertine, Joe Amon, Fred Bever, Heather Brandon, Karen Brown, Andrew Catalina, Nancy Cohen, Vanessa de la Torre, Chuck Dube, Cindy Han, AJ Higgins, Sam Hudzik, Jill Kaufman, John Keimel, Caroline Losneck, Scott MacCullum, Victor Marcial, Kari Njiiri, Bart Rankin, Elodie Reed, Jake Rusnock, Willis Ryder Arnold, Keith Shortall, Jonathan Smith, Jessica Ticktin, Julianne Varacchi and Howard Weiss-Tisman.

Listen to the show at Connecticut Public Radio’s website.