Covering Climate Now

A tap at in a sugar maple on the property where Gray Jay Mapleworks operates. (Esta Pratt-Kielley/Maine Public)

This year for Earth Week, the New England News Collaborative is bringing stories on how climate change is affecting food systems in our region — and ways that New Englanders are adapting to a warming world.

This collection of stories through Earth Day, April 22, 2022, is produced in collaboration with NENC stations.

Climate change is overwhelming, but many New Englanders are looking for ways to do something about it by “living greener.” WBUR wants to help with their 3-week newsletter “Cooked: the search for sustainable eats.” Understand how to reduce your impact on climate change through the food you eat & take actionable steps so you can make a difference! See the complete series of stories connected to WBUR’s food and climate change newsletter here.

For more climate coverage, visit Maine Public’s Climate Driven series and NENC partners including free gay hookup sites, best app to meet trans woman, older dating app, WSHU, NEPM, CAI Cape and Islands and GBH.

This page includes our archive from Earth Day 2021, featuring stories of people living through our climate emergency and what our region is doing to lower emissions. These stories dovetailed with Covering Climate Now, a global journalism collaboration strengthening coverage of the climate story. For ongoing stories on climate change in New England, click here.

Seed saving has deep ties to Maine’s past. In the face of climate change, it’s a future imperative

Nicole Ogrysko | April 17, 2022

The ground is starting to thaw on a gray Saturday afternoon in late March, which means it’s almost time for Albie Barden to prepare his fields for corn. Barden usually plants two or three varieties of corn at his home every year in Norridgewock, Maine. When growing season is over and the corn is harvested,…

Climate change impacts farmers and global supply chains. Maine’s growing grain economy could help

Esta Pratt-Kielley | April 17, 2022

Sean O’Donnell started growing grains about 10 years ago at Rusted Rooster Farm, 45 minutes north of Skowhegan on the border of Maine’s Somerset and Piscataquis counties. He began on a small scale, using grains as a cover crop planted in rotation with other crops to improve the health of the soil. He and his…

Listen Up, New England: Goodwill Doesn’t Want Your Trash

Todd Bookman | April 23, 2021

Just before 10 o’clock most mornings, cars begin lining up outside the Goodwill donation center in Seabrook. They’re offering trunks full of treasures, yes, but also perhaps some unsellable, un-recyclable wares that also make it into the bins — and strain Goodwill’s trash bill. “We hope everyone brings great things that helps our programs, but…

On Revere’s Pearl Avenue, Residents Grapple With The Rising Tide Of Climate Change

Miriam Wasser | April 23, 2021

In the Beachmont neighborhood of Revere, there’s a street called Pearl Avenue. It’s a wide quiet street with views of the Atlantic Ocean, Belle Isle Marsh and the Boston skyline — the sort of place that’s great to raise a family, residents say. And in fact, many of its residents are part of one big,…

Coastal Seniors and Climate Change: Retirement Dreams Threatened As Coastal Living Increasingly Risky

Eve Zuckoff | April 23, 2021

When Nelson Orr, 70, retired from his job as an X-ray tech at a Boston hospital, he knew what would come next. He and wife moved full-time into their gray-shingled beachfront home in the town of Barnstable, embracing its original exposed beams and decorating with an old wooden carousel horse in the entranceway. “This is…

How ‘Eco-Warrior’ Alexis Rockman’s Trippy Paintings Of Shipwrecks Confront The Climate Crisis

Andrea Shea | April 23, 2021

Shipwrecks have stoked fear in our collective imaginations throughout history. But what can these disasters at sea say about humans’ damaging impact on the planet? That’s something artist Alexis Rockman confronts in his new series of psychedelic, large-scale paintings on view at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. “Alexis Rockman has been described as an…

More Clean Energy Will Demand Bigger Battery Storage To Power New England Grid

J.D. Allen | April 23, 2021

The push to switch from fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy will mean a lot more demand for battery storage. It’s just part of massive efforts to modernize the electric grid in New England and the nation to meet the challenge of climate change. The future of renewable energy in New England depends on…

How Risk From Climate Change Will Reshape Flood Insurance In N.H. and New England

Annie Ropeik | April 22, 2021

People living on and off the coast of New England will soon be at a greater risk from flooding due to heavier rain and rising seas caused by climate change. Global warming will put more pressure on the federal flood insurance program, which is already overstretched, prompting an overhaul to be completed later this year.…

Earth Day 2021: Fighting Climate Change Around New England

The Exchange | April 22, 2021

For Earth Day 2021, NHPR reporter Annie Ropeik hosted a roundtable of reporters from the New England News Collaborative for a special episode of NHPR’s The Exchange. They highlighted innovations and signs of progress in tackling climate change in New England, as well as the issues that are top of mind. GUESTS: Daniela Allee – NHPR reporter…

Este Día de La Tierra, Conversamos Sobre La Importancia De Cuidar La Energía

Maria Aguirre and Daniela Allee | April 22, 2021

Hoy en Qué Hay, queremos conversar sobre los problemas que enfrenta el planeta, como la contaminación del aire, que afectan la calidad de vida de las familias de bajo ingreso de New England. Para conversar del tema, tenemos a Rebecca Baez-Castro, vicepresidenta de Green Eco Warriors, organización sin fines de lucro con sede en Windsor,…