Teachers’ union and parents sue N.H. officials over law restricting teachings on racism, oppression

NH Supreme Court III

A New Hampshire teachers’ union is suing state officials over a law restricting certain teachings on race, racism, and other forms of oppression. The American Federation of Teachers – New Hampshire filed the lawsuit along with several parents and teachers in federal court. The lawsuit alleges the law prevents teachers from meeting certain state educational…

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Boston could be next city to consider reparations for Black residents

The Middle Passage port marker at the end of Long Wharf, Boston.

At the end of Boston’s Long Wharf is a glass and metal slab that tells a story of the city’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The monument stands to remind those walking along the waterfront that Boston was a hub for ships carrying African people who were sold into slavery. The marker could be seen as a…

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How COVID Isolation, Loss And Racism Deepened Crises For Children Of Color

The pandemic is waning, but the mental health crisis for children isn’t. And for many children of color, the full impact of the last 15 months — against a backdrop of longstanding systemic racism and inequities — may just be coming into focus. Mahailya Effee, a 15-year-old who lives in Roxbury, Mass., says from the…

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Witness Stones: Commemorating The Lives of Enslaved People In Connecticut

How should we remember painful events in our history? There are more than 70 Witness Stones installed throughout our state. The markers commemorate the lives of the enslaved people that lived in Connecticut. This hour, we talk to the founder of this project and hear about a potential Witness Stone to remember an enslaved woman…

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LISTEN: Rebecca Carroll On ‘Surviving The White Gaze’

At first, Rebecca Carroll’s childhood in rural New Hampshire seemed idyllic. But as a Black child raised by adoptive white parents, her life became much more complicated. “It essentially was the white gaze,” Carroll told NEXT . “It was the world my parents created, the way they wanted it to look, without any indication of…

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