Opioid Crisis is Taking A Toll on Those On the Frontlines

March 22, 2018

The drug crisis in New Hampshire has left its mark on thousands of people – those struggling with addiction, their families, friends and co-workers.


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November 21, 2017

OPINION States struggling with the opioid crisis – and most particularly states in New England – could learn from the AIDS crisis – both what to and what not to do. Thirty years ago, people living with AIDS could easily find themselves kicked out of housing over misinformation about how the disease was spread. Out…

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At NGA, Governors Outline Long Fight Against Opioid Crisis

July 19, 2017

More than 30 governors from across the U.S. are gathering in Providence for the summer meeting of the National Governors Association. An epidemic of opioid abuse in the states is one of the top problems facing the elected officials.


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No More “Addicts?” How One N.H. City Wants To Overhaul Your Addiction Vocabulary

April 18, 2017

Nashua’s Health Department wants you to stop using the word “addict.”

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New Hampshire Governor Points Fingers For Fentanyl Problem; Massachusetts Responds

March 3, 2017

Governor Chris Sununu is getting attention for his recent claims that the city of Lawrence, Mass., is the main source of fentanyl hitting New Hampshire.

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Drug Overdose Deaths Continue To Climb In New England

January 10, 2017

The number of deaths from heroin and synthetic opioids continues to rise in New England, according to data just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Police Try Treatment, Instead Of Punishment, For Addiction

November 22, 2016

Police departments in our region and around the country are scrambling to respond to the opioid addiction crisis.

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Treatment Island: Addicts Are Sent To Recover Off The Coast Of Cape Cod

November 22, 2016

About a dozen miles off the coast of Cape Cod sits a rustic island named Penikese — part of the Elizabeth island chain. A hundred years ago, Penikese was home to a leper colony, then a school for troubled boys and a bird sanctuary. This past fall, Penikese opened to its newest incarnation — a treatment program for opioid addicts.

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Heroin Addicts Give Up Civil Liberty In Exchange For Treatment

October 27, 2016

Massachusetts is one of about 40 states where someone who abuses drugs or alcohol to an extreme can be legally committed to a locked treatment facility. In most cases, a worried family member has to go to court to make that happen.

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Pilot Program in New Haven Focuses on Addiction Treatment for Inmates

October 5, 2016

Inmates with substance abuse issues face the highest risk of relapse, or fatal overdose, within the first few weeks of being released from incarceration. Research shows that 80 percent of former inmates with opiate dependence issues will relapse within a month of leaving jail.

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