Reducing trash may reduce the need for incinerators in Mass.

A bulldozer levels ash on a landfill mound beside Covanta's Haverhill waste facility that incinerates trash and generates electricity.

Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part series about trash incineration in Massachusetts. Part 1 looks at the perspectives of the communities housing incinerators. The roads heading to the incinerator in Haverhill, Mass., can at times look like a parade in honor of trash. Dump trucks rumble in carrying garbage bags from 24 cities and…

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N.H. lawmakers consider bill that would stop new landfills, for now

Berkeley Parenteau stands in front of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services during a rally against the development of a landfill near Forest Lake State Park.

New Hampshire legislators are considering a bill that would prohibit the Department of Environmental Services from issuing new permits for landfills until they revise the state’s solid waste plan. Controversial landfill expansions, lack of leadership The state’s solid waste plan is supposed to be updated every six years, but the most recent plan is from 2003. Rep. Linda…

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Trash is a burning question with mixed answers in some Mass. towns

A front end loader pushes garbage into the bunker, so a grab crane can lift it from there into the furnace chute.

Editor’s note: This is the first of two stories about the state of trash incinerators in Massachusetts.  The first thing you notice in the warehouse at the Haverhill incinerator is the giant mechanical claw. It moves across the ceiling and drops into the second thing you notice: a pit of trash, 30 feet deep. The…

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Early data suggest 2021 was one of the hottest years on record in Gulf of Maine

Maine's Wells Beach at low tide after a nor'easter in October 2021.

Surface water temperatures in the Gulf of Maine this fall hit new seasonal highs, and it looks like 2021 overall will be one of the hottest ever in the gulf. Researchers at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute said that this fall, temperatures in the gulf ran more than four degrees Fahrenheit above the historical norm. “It…

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Cape Cod’s water quality is getting worse, report finds

A fisherman casts his fishing line out into the Cape Cod Canal in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

A new report released Monday finds that surface water quality on Cape Cod has degraded for the third year in a row. The Association to Preserve Cape Cod’s annual State of the Waters report tracks the water quality of the Cape’s freshwater ponds, marine estuaries, and public drinking water. Although the report’s findings don’t indicate an immediate threat…

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Connecticut climate bills are killed by energy company lobbyists, study finds

Governor Ned Lamont announced this week that he is moving forward without state lawmakers to address climate change — and perhaps for good reason. A study from Brown University shows most legislation proposed over the last decade that would keep Connecticut on track to take action on climate change was derailed by lobbyists from the energy industry.…

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19th century New England whaling logs offer clues to 21st century climate change

The log book of the whaling vessel Marcella out of New Bedford at the Providence Public Library, which owns one of the five largest collections of whaling log books in the country.

  Tucked away in the New Bedford Whaling Museum is a room full of records. It holds manuscripts, manifests, banking records and crew accounts from New England’s storied whaling industry. It also contains the largest collection of whaling logbooks in the world. Logbooks were a legal record of each voyage, in which first mates documented…

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