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New England Colleges Try A Not-So-Quick Fix To Stop Rash Of Hate Crimes

University of Vermont students walked out of class in February 2018, demanding the school do more to address racial justice and inequity on the Burlington campus. Photo by Liam Elder-Connors for VPR

It seems every few weeks there is a hate crime reported on a college campus in New England. The groups that keep track of these kinds of incidents say there is, in fact, a marked increase in the number of racist slurs found scrawled on campus walls and an increase in white supremacist group activity.


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Life Lessons From New Hampshire’s All-Female Winter Wilderness Training

Julia Wilcox and Claire Rouge tend to a fire they made during BOW's winter survival skills class. Photo by Annie Ropeik for NHPR

Women are one of the fastest-growing demographics for outdoor recreation in New Hampshire. The state Department of Fish & Game has encouraged that for more than 20 years with its“Becoming an Outdoors-Woman” program, or BOW. It helps the department make money and cut down on preventable rescues.

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With ‘Ask A Muslim Anything’ Events, N.H. Man Hopes To Tackle Misunderstandings Around His Faith

Many Muslim-Americans will tell you that this is a tough time for them. From the 9/11 attacks to President Trump’s proposed travel ban, Muslims in America feel besieged by discrimination and misunderstanding.

So Robert Azzi, a Lebanese-American Muslim who lives in Exeter, New Hampshire, is hoping to clear up some of that misunderstanding by encouraging dialogue with an invitation to “Ask a Muslim Anything.”

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A Haven For Refugee Children To Experience Music

Of the 530 refugees who arrived in the New Haven region last year, more than 270 were children. Many are nearing the end of their first year in a U.S. school.  A local arts organization has partnered with the region’s resettlement agency to create a special afterschool violin program for the young refugees.

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