3M says it will stop producing PFAS chemicals that have contaminated communities across New Hampshire

December 20, 2022

The company 3M, which manufactures everything from Post-It notes to dental implants, has announced it will stop making PFAS — a group of man-made chemicals linked to a variety of health issues. The move comes as federal regulators are preparing to place limits on the chemicals in drinking water. 3M cited that plan as a factor in…

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Tourists on the summit of Cadillac Mountain, in Acadia National Park. Signs direct visitors to stay on the path, to avoid trampling sensitive mountain flora.

Forget the views: scientists say Cadillac Mountain is a prime spot for studying climate change

December 19, 2022

On a perfect summer day at the summit of Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain, throngs of tourists are taking in the expansive view of rocky ledges, surrounding hills and the Gulf of Maine spreading out endlessly to the south. But Chris Nadeau is focused on the tiny plants at his feet, shooting up from thin soil between…

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Russell Eng, president of Friends of Reggie Wong Park, stands at the center of the park on a winter evening.

Fight for Chinatown park snagged by asbestos concerns

December 19, 2022

Environmental hazards in Chinatown’s only recreational park are at the center of a yearslong battle for open space in the neighborhood. Reggie Wong Memorial Park is a paved lot near South Station that community groups have been trying to lease from the state for years. Neighborhood advocates say they need the lease to ensure the…

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A turbine blade at The Wind Technology Testing Center in Charlestown, Mass.

Ever wonder how they build turbines at sea? Here’s what it takes to create an American wind farm

December 4, 2022

Today’s offshore wind turbines stand taller than the Boston skyline. Each blade is about the length of a football field, which means 50 feet have to be cut off to get one inside the state’s Wind Technology Testing Center in Charlestown. That’s where the blade for Vineyard Wind went through strength testing earlier this year.…

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Across New England, a group is working to find – and save – native plants

October 18, 2022

Before you can save a seed, you have to find it. On a clear day this summer, our search began just a few steps off a trail near a rocky ledge in southern Connecticut. “We’re looking for muhlenbergia capillaris, which is the hair cap muhly,” said Michael Piantedosi, director of conservation at the Native Plant Trust. Piantedosi’s…

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New England’s fall foliage harder to predict as the climate changes, biologists say

October 7, 2022

It’s fall foliage season, and climate change has made it harder to predict the timing and the vibrancy of the leaves, according to local biologists. The season is a multi-billion dollar industry for the region. The red, orange, and yellow shades of New England make it a beloved travel destination this time of year. But some…

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A ‘well-put-together bear’: Orphaned cub grows up, with release set for next spring

September 30, 2022

A black bear cub, who was rescued by the Greenfield, Massachusetts, police, in April has grown from about the size of a football to about 60 pounds, and over 3 feet tall. The bear and 46 other orphaned cubs are being raised at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Lyme, New Hampshire. The center raises orphaned,…

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Right whale, Snow Cone, discovered with fifth entanglement in ‘terrible health’

September 27, 2022

An endangered North Atlantic right whale, named by researchers “Snow Cone,” has been spotted entangled in rope and heavy gear, about 15 miles south of Nantucket, Mass. She’s believed to be fighting for her life. CAI’s Eve Zuckoff spoke about a rescue effort with Scott Landry, who leads the entanglement response team for Provincetown’s Center…

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Common mergansers swimming on a section of the Meduxnekeag River that's been restored to a more natural state.

A tribe is restoring a northern Maine river so that it’ll be cooler and more hospitable to salmon

September 21, 2022

There are eight Maine rivers that are federally recognized as having distinct populations of Atlantic salmon, from the Sheepscot River in the Midcoast, to the Denny’s River Down East. But salmon also once spawned further north, in Aroostook County, and the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians is trying to bring them back by restoring not…

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Maine farmers hope that breeding a better potato can help the industry deal with a warming climate

September 19, 2022

From his pickup truck, Robbie Irving points to a wide irrigation system providing water to hundreds of acres of plants on the Caribou potato farm that his family has harvested since 1936. Irving’s grandfather started on the system decades ago, and Irving said it’s proved to be vital as temperatures in Aroostook County, Maine, have…

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