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Are Millennials Reshaping The American Dream?

OPINION In the early ‘30s, James Truslow Adams, a banker turned Pulitzer-winning author, wrote a book-length paean to the U.S. titled, “The American Dream.” His publishers loved the manuscript, but the title had to go. No one, they said, would spend $3 for a book with “Dream” in the title during the Dirty Thirties, the…

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Bad Policies Could Add To The Homeless Numbers In New England

OPINION The rooms at Red Roof Plus+ in Hartford don’t have kitchens, and the families who sought shelter there after Hurricane Maria’s destruction want home-cooked meals. Since they arrived, the families have managed to borrow kitchens around the city. This evening, Carmen Cotto, who retired from Hartford and returned to her family home in Cidra…

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The Impossible (And Necessary) Task of Counting Homeless Youths

  OPINION Not long ago, Robin P. McHaelen, founder and executive director of True Colors, Inc., launched into a training for police officers from around the state. Three minutes in to the class, a man stood up, said, “This is bullshit. I’m not listening to this,” and stormed out. He was soon followed by another…

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