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In Punta Santiago, It’s A Microcosm Of A Battered Puerto Rico

Angelina Arroyo sprays her driveway down during a hot afternoon in Punta Santiago. Her husband had a heart attack shortly after the hurricane last year and passed away soon after. Photo by Jesse Costa for WBUR

A middle-aged woman sat over a pail of water, a blue umbrella shielding her from the scorching sun. Surrounded by a wreckage of branches and twisted metal sheets, Angelina Arroyo Rivera salvaged what remained of her belongings — some silverware and some plastic containers, a blue tarp, a red purse, a white blouse.

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Are Millennials Reshaping The American Dream?

OPINION In the early ‘30s, James Truslow Adams, a banker turned Pulitzer-winning author, wrote a book-length paean to the U.S. titled, “The American Dream.” His publishers loved the manuscript, but the title had to go. No one, they said, would spend $3 for a book with “Dream” in the title during the Dirty Thirties, the…

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