Multilingualism is seen as an opportunity instead of a hurdle in Vermont district

Vermont first-graders Happiness Alex and Emily Xia display art and writing projects in which they imagined themselves with different kinds of animal teeth. Their class is an even mix of English learners and native English speakers.

In a first-grade classroom in Burlington, Vermont, Janelle Gendimenico guides her students through a lesson focusing on the importance of getting every word in a sentence, especially when you’re talking about animal teeth. “Show me with your fingers. What does the naked mole-rat’s teeth do?” Gendimenico asked the class. “They go back left and right,…

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Zambians in Maine launch community group to provide cohesion and support

Maine is home to several dozen immigrants from Zambia, a country of about 18 million people in southern Africa. While it’s one of the state’s smaller immigrant communities, many Zambians have deep roots here, and they’ve launched a community organization aimed at building cohesion, offering support and attracting more Zambians to Maine. The Zambian Community…

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Sudanese Mainers cut off from loved ones back home as military seizes power

As a military coup unfolds in Sudan, some Sudanese immigrants in Maine said they are concerned about the safety of their loved ones, and about the future of democracy in their home country. Some are calling for greater diplomatic intervention – while others take a measure of hope in the pro-democracy movement in Sudan. Sudan’s…

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Landlords wanted: As Afghan refugees arrive in Conn., housing is an issue

Thomas Kania is the grandson of Polish immigrants, people who he says came to the United States for opportunity. Now Kania, a real estate investor, says it’s their experience that has motivated him to help others looking for a bit of opportunity of their own — newly arrived Afghan refugees. “It’s basically the American spirit,”…

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New Haven’s Día de los Muertos parade honors tradition and lives lost

The 11th annual Day of the Dead Parade starts at Mill Street in New Haven on Nov. 6, 2021.

Jose Antonio Armas lost family members in Mexico during the pandemic, and when his mother passed away, he couldn’t return to his homeland to bury her because of his immigration status. “Even though it’s been 25 years since I’ve been in the U.S. and I haven’t been able to see them again, the altar, the…

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Migrant farmworkers fight to end collaboration between Vermont police and Border Patrol

People hold up signs that say "Human Dignity/ Derechos Humanos" in support of migrant farmworkers in Vermont.

A traffic stop in Newport, Vt., this past summer is intensifying concerns about collaboration between local police and federal immigration authorities. Now, migrant farmworkers in Vermont are calling on the state to do more to protect them from detention and deportation for minor traffic violations. Migrant farmworkers have become a critical labor force for Vermont’s dairy…

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