The peak of Coburn Mountain in western Maine overlooks woods through which CMP would construct its transmission line. Photo by Fred Bever for Maine Public

Battle over controversial energy corridor goes to Maine Supreme Court

January 4, 2022

The fate of Central Maine Power’s controversial energy corridor through western Maine is now in the hands of the state’s highest court. Late last week a lower court judge halted his own consideration of a challenge to the law that state voters enacted last year to kill the project, and sent it on to the…

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Judy Dow, left, is an Indigenous educator who specializes in teaching traditional ecological knowledge. Here she chats with Shelburne Farms farm-based educator Cat Parrish. Over the summer and fall of 2021, Judy and the land institution partnered to grow an educational plot that would also provide seeds for Indigenous gardens across New England.

How some Northeast organizations are trying to return land, decision-making power to people of color

December 10, 2021

On a windy but warm day earlier this year, Judy Dow walked between rows of corn, beans, squash and sunflowers at Vermont’s Shelburne Farms. A sign explained how the different plants nourish one another. The purpose of this plot is both to educate visitors, and to produce seeds to share with Indigenous gardens across New…

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What could put New England’s electricity grid at risk this winter?

December 8, 2021

Depending on several factors, New England’s regional electricity grid operator could ask residents to turn down the heat, do less laundry and minimize cooking this winter. While forecasts predict a mild winter, the grid could be in a precarious position, ISO-New England says. ISO coordinates the flow of electricity through the transmission system, and plans…

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Where does your power come from? We answered your questions about New Hampshire’s energy system

November 23, 2021

Energy is essential to our lives. It keeps us warm, powers the ventilators in our hospitals, runs the machines that package our food and helps us see through the darkness of a winter night. But our energy system carries costs — costs that are driving climate change. The energy system is complicated. And as we…

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Researchers look to prepare coastal New England for future storms

November 16, 2021

New research on the combined threat of rising sea levels and extreme weather focuses on coastal areas in New England. By simulating hazards like flooding with computer models, the researchers say their findings could help prepare communities that are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. “We’re particularly interested in looking at close to the…

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Aisle between rows of bus seats

Connecticut’s Transportation Systems Lost Riders, But The Rest Of New England Was Worse

September 29, 2021

Public transit in Connecticut maintained higher ridership and smaller revenue loss during the pandemic compared to the rest of New England, according to a study released this week by The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Riley Sullivan, the author of the study, said federal stimulus funding offset the loss of riders in Connecticut and the…

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Interested In Home Solar In Connecticut? Consumers Should Read The Fine Print

September 21, 2021

  For homeowners looking to put solar panels on their roofs, the main goal is usually pretty clear: saving money on electric bills. But installing solar can sometimes come with complications. On a corner lot in Enfield, Conn., George St. Amand has a two-story house with a pretty flat roof in the back. Not great…

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When It Rains, It Poops: The MDC’s Efforts To Keep Sewage Out Of Conn. Waterways

August 16, 2021

The Connecticut River after Tropical Storm Elsa looked like a chocolate milkshake. And the reason is pretty gross: rainwater runoff and raw sewage. This dirty water makes its way into rivers because of century-old infrastructure called “combined sewer systems,” which merge stormwater and household water into one big pipe. And when it rains a lot,…

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Feds Consider Compensating Fishermen For Wind Energy Effects On Harvests

July 28, 2021

The Mills administration is partnering with a commercial wind energy company, New England Aqua Ventus, to seek a lease of 16-square miles of federal waters south of for a wind farm of up to 12 wind turbines tens of miles south of Bremen, Maine, with a goal of researching novel “floating platform” technology and its…

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A Former Mill Town Takes Control Of The Future Of Its Power Supply

July 12, 2021

In May, the small town of Harrisville, N.H. started to write the next chapter for its energy future. Harrisville voters approved the second community power plan in the state (the neighboring city of Keene was first). With a community power plan, the town will purchase power on behalf of residents and businesses. Advocates say this…

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