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Sent To A Hospital, But Locked In Prison

Andrew Butler, who needed psychiatric care, was transferred from a hospital to a prison last year in New Hampshire. Photo by Wyatt Farwell. Photo courtesy of Doug Butler

National advocacy groups say New Hampshire is the only place in the country where the ward for people at risk of hurting themselves or others, called a secure psychiatric unit, is located in a prison.

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Author Ben Goldfarb Discusses The History Of Beavers In New England

A beaver. Photo by Erin Kohlenberg, Flickr

Ben Goldfarb tracks the environmental effect that beavers have on the world around them, as well as their unique history, in his new book, Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter. He joined us to tell us all about the animals and why we should prioritize beaver restoration as a key to creating healthy ecosystems.

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To Catch A Pigeon

Pigeons. Photo by Christie Taylor for Science Friday

Ever try to shoo a group of pigeons that crossed your path? Tired of dodging close flyovers of those pesky gray birds? The urban pigeon may feel like just another city nuisance, but there’s a lot they can teach us about how wildlife is adapting to co-exist with us. How are pigeons in New York related to pigeons in Boston, or Washington D.C.? Why are pigeons thriving compared to other birds? How is their gene pool changing in response to the daily stresses of city living?

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In Fight Against HIV, Outreach Workers Take ‘PrEP’ To The Streets

Tatiana Melendez, standing tall next to the PrEP promotional poster, is doing HIV prevention outreach at Hartford's Barnard Park on a recent Friday. Melendez, a.k.a. Lady Tatiana, began working for the Community Renewal Team in May as its PrEP navigator. Photo by Ryan Caron King for Connecticut Public Radio

At Hartford’s Barnard Park, a triangular patch of grass interlocked by streets south of downtown, free HIV screenings were underway in the back seat of a grey Nissan Rogue. Of course, Melendez and her crew would like to identify who is HIV-positive, to provide them services and access to medication.

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