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The Clubby, Corporate Marijuana Market New York Wants To Avoid Is Right Next Door

Veteran Steven Mandile make the first purchase of recreational marijuanain Massachusetts at Cultivate in Leicester. Photo by Jesse Costa for WBUR

Recreational marijuana legalization is stalled in both New York and New Jersey—partly because some lawmakers of color say the proposals don’t go far enough in making certain that the communities hit hardest by arrests from illegal drugs aren’t locked out of the newly regulated weed industry. Across the border in Massachusetts, experts and regulators say that New Yorkers are right to be worried.

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New England Museum Houses Massive Collection of Accordions

Angelo Paul Ramunni in his New England Accordion Connection and Museum. Photo by Carlos Mejia for the New England News Collaborative

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Connecticut, just a few miles from the Massachusetts border, stands the New England Accordion Connection and Museum Company. The museum houses over 600 accordions, thousands of pages of sheet music, and a juke box filled with accordion music.

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Connecticut Residents Bet In Rhode Island As Local Lawmakers Look For Ways To Cash In

"We're like a deer in headlights -- we're staring at other states around us and yet we're afraid to do it because we're a conservative state," said East Hartford resident Mark Titan regarding movement on the legalization sports betting. Photo by Frankie Graziano for Connecticut Public Radio

Last year, the United States Supreme Court opened the door for states to make it legal to bet on sports. More recently, Connecticut lawmakers voted to send a bill that would legalize sports betting to the floor of the state legislature. But what could legalized sports betting look like here in the Land of Steady Habits? To answer that question, let’s take a look first at neighboring Rhode Island, which debuted sports betting in November.

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