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Portland Program Puts Panhandlers in Productive, Paying Public Projects

On any given day — all year ’round but particularly in the warmer weather — panhandlers work the curbs and corners of Portland, cardboard signs broadcasting their need for a little help. After an unsuccessful attempt to crack down on panhandling a few years ago, the city is trying a more benevolent approach.

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What Happens To That Aluminum Can You Just Recycled?

In New England, all states except for Rhode Island and New Hampshire have bottle bills. Those are recycling programs built around a system of deposits and refunds, aimed at reducing litter and protecting the environment. But when it comes to old aluminum, it’s not just environmentalists who want to see more recycling — there’s a real business case to be made for it, too.

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In Manchester, Combining Social Work and Police Work to Help Troubled Kids

A couple years ago, Manchester police lieutenant Nicole LeDoux and two colleagues decided to crunch some numbers. They found that in a single year, 400 Manchester kids had been at either domestic violence incidents or overdoses when police were called. “I remember sitting,” she said, “and being like ‘man, that’s a lot of kids. How do we deal with that?’”

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