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A Nest Divided: Maine’s Great Chickadee Debate

The black-capped chickadee. Credit Wikimedia Commons

There’s a big debate simmering in the Maine Legislature, and it’s certain to split state residents into two groups. No, not Democrats and Republicans. The debate is about birds — chickadees specifically. And there’s now a bill that would require lawmakers to choose which particular kind of chickadee is the official state bird.

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Maine’s Pugnacious Governor Leaves Behind A Complex Legacy

Gov. Paul LePage announces his legislation to revamp welfare, including limits on what could be purchased with food stamps. Photo by Mal Leary for Maine Public

For the past eight years, Gov. Paul LePage has been the gravitational center of Maine politics, pulling traditionally staid disputes over state policy into an orbit of bellicosity, and defying long established standards of behavior for elected officials. He was, as he has said, “Trump before there was Trump.”

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