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Sam Evans-Brown Talks Behind-The-Meter Solar’s Impact On The Region’s Grid

Solar panels at Shaker Woods Farm. Photo by Keith Shields for NHPR

Our growing need for energy – and our desire to make more of it renewable – has set up other tensions, beyond where to put big power lines. There’s long been a dispute over how to account for so called “Behind-the-Meter” solar – the kind you might put on your home or business to try and get “off the grid.” Energy analysts are seeing that – especially during heat waves like the one that’s gripped New England for much of the summer – this rooftop solar can actually have a big impact on our energy needs.

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Author Ben Goldfarb Discusses The History Of Beavers In New England

A beaver. Photo by Erin Kohlenberg, Flickr

Ben Goldfarb tracks the environmental effect that beavers have on the world around them, as well as their unique history, in his new book, Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter. He joined us to tell us all about the animals and why we should prioritize beaver restoration as a key to creating healthy ecosystems.

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Connecticut Town Ponders Plastic Bag, Straw Ban

DuBois Beach in Stonington. Photo by Frankie Graziano for Connecticut Public Radio

The town of Stonington is considering a move to ban all single-use plastic bags and straws. It wouldn’t be the first Connecticut town to contemplate bagging the bag — Greenwich recently passed a ban and Westport did away with them years ago.

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