Traffic on I84 on the eastern edge of Hartford

Inflation won’t put a damper on this summer travel season

May 24, 2023

The traditional summer travel season will likely be kicking off with a very busy Memorial Day weekend. AAA is predicting more than 2 million New Englanders will be traveling this weekend, roughly 400,000 Connecticut residents will be among them. That would be a 6% increase over last year, but still shy of numbers before the…

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District transportation director Dana Cruickshank unplugs the charging cable from one of Beverly, Mass.'s electric school buses.

Electric school buses serve as mini power plants during the summer

April 18, 2023

Summertime in New England is when people demand the most electricity from the grid because of air conditioner use. At those high-demand times, utilities turn to so-called peaker plants to supply the extra power. They’re often older, more polluting facilities, and they are expensive to run. But a project in Beverly, Massachusetts offers an alternative…

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E-bikes are getting more Mainers out of their cars — and could help the state meet its climate goals

August 22, 2022

It’s 5:15 a.m., and the sky is just starting to lighten in the east as Becki Morin rolls her electric bicycle out of her garage in Falmouth, Maine. Morin lives about six miles from Maine Medical Center in Portland, where she’s a nurse practitioner. She says she used to ride a conventional bike to work…

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So you’re in the market for an electric vehicle? Here’s how the new federal and Mass. laws will help

August 18, 2022

August has been a big month for the environment. At the national level, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which allocates over $360 billion to help fight climate change. And more locally, Gov. Charlie Baker signed a sweeping state climate and clean energy bill into law. Both laws cover a lot of ground. But one notable…

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‘Bus Ambassadors’ help new immigrants navigate southern Maine transit systems

August 8, 2022

On a recent morning in downtown Portland, a woman named Vitoria was waiting at a bus stop on Congress Street. Vitoria is an asylum-seeker from Angola, who arrived in Maine just a few weeks ago with her husband and two young children. On this day, she was trying to find her way to one of…

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Can you get there from here in Maine during wintertime? We put our electric vehicle to the test

April 18, 2022

Can you get there from here in Maine with a EV? That’s what Maine Public staff have tried to do while reporting on recent stories for Climate Driven. The main takeaway? EV drivers need to use extra care planning their trips outside of southern Maine, where most of the chargers are. Deputy News Director Susan…

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A space remains open for an electric vehicle at a EV charging station in Monterey Park, California on May 18, 2021.

Electric vehicle rebates for lower-income buyers go virtually unused in Connecticut

March 20, 2022

A Connecticut-run incentive designed to help low- to middle-income buyers purchase an electric vehicle continues to struggle. New data show income-eligible rebates accounted for only about 1% of all rebates issued through the state’s Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) program. “That’s not a significant uptake,” said Anthony Cherolis, who is with the…

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Betty Rozell has been a volunteer driver with One2One in Rutland, Vt., for three years. The 84-year-old drives nearly every week day for the nonprofit, which helps people 60 and older who can't drive themselves. "I like to stay busy," Rozell says. "And it feels good to help."

These volunteer drivers help older Vermonters stay connected, even during the pandemic

February 9, 2022

In Vermont, programs that help older residents get around when they can no longer drive are primarily paid for with Medicaid and federal grants. But funding is limited, and most of these door-to-door ride services are only possible because of volunteer drivers — usually older Vermonters themselves. The pandemic has strained this model, but many…

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A National Guard member drives a school bus van in Chelsea, Mass.

The National Guard is easing school bus struggles, districts say. So are new Spanish-language driver tests

October 12, 2021

On a recent weekday, Jaime Carillo and his son waited for the ride to school in their usual spot on the front porch of the family’s duplex. When classes first started, the two were spending a lot of time there; the van that takes his son to school was coming much later than its 7:28 a.m.…

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Aisle between rows of bus seats

Connecticut’s Transportation Systems Lost Riders, But The Rest Of New England Was Worse

September 29, 2021

Public transit in Connecticut maintained higher ridership and smaller revenue loss during the pandemic compared to the rest of New England, according to a study released this week by The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Riley Sullivan, the author of the study, said federal stimulus funding offset the loss of riders in Connecticut and the…

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