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Perhaps nowhere else in the country is the impact of recent immigration trends so pronounced as in New England, where the predominantly white population is quickly aging, and where the influx of young immigrants is changing the identity of the region.

The New England News Collaborative explores the inherent challenges and the valuable opportunities facing one of America’s oldest places in a series of reports called Facing Change.


It’s hard to avoid the hand-wringing about aging demographics in New England these days. The region's six states have the six lowest birth rates in the country.

As New England's baby boomers grow older, and live longer, the need for health care workers also grows.

In January, Syrian and Iraqi refugees will begin arriving in Rutland, Vermont -- the first of 100 to be resettled there over the next year.

A 2014 federal memo aimed to put an end to random deportations of people living illegally in the U.S. who aren't criminals. But there are still cases where immigration authorities are ignoring these policies.