For Anxious Students, Remote School Year Has Been A Bit Of Relief

Sixth-grader Harrison has a very simple routine each school week: Wake up, eat breakfast, get his mom to enable internet on his iPad, and log in to class.

Getting dressed didn’t quite make the list. Harrison loves that he can go to school in his pajamas. But it’s more than just the relaxed dress code.

“We didn’t have to drive anywhere and didn’t have to make a commute,” Harrison added. “I guess it’s nicer because some teachers are like loud-ish and you can turn down the volume.”

Most importantly, though, home is a safe space that he’s familiar with. He also knows how seriously his family takes coronavirus precautions — something he can’t say about all of his classmates.

“I would not be comfortable in hybrid [classes], because for me, I have anxiety, so if someone like coughed, I don’t know, I’d just just stay away from people,” Harrison explained.

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