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Hartford Father Sold His Car To Bring Sons Home From Puerto Rico

Guillermo Class reunites with his two sons in the San Juan Airport. He sold his car to fly them back to Hartford.
Photo by Ryan Caron King for WNPR

Guillermo Class just couldn’t wait any more. The reports he was getting from his two teenage sons living in Puerto Rico weren’t good. Food and water were getting to them and their mother. But not enough.

“I just spoke to my son the other day. He said they bought food, they bought water, and whoever got got, and whoever didn’t, didn’t get, you know?” he said. “For me to know that I’m in Hartford, Connecticut — I could wash three cars with all the water we got. I got a refrigerator full of food. And knowing that my kids are going through what…practically going to be hungry. I can’t.”

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