‘It Feels Like Walking Through A Blizzard’: The Spacious, Eerie Music Of Lauren Costello

Lauren Costello is a Burlington musician who weaves together cello, guitar, field recordings and singing. (Elodie Reed/VPR)

Lauren Costello sat in her living room, holding her cello. The fingers of her left hand rested lightly on the strings. With her right hand, she drew her bow across the instrument. She tapped an effect pedal at her feet to make it sound like she was playing in a cavernous hall.

“It kind of has an eerie-er sound, which I like,” she said.

Costello began making loops with her cello, layering the notes to create motifs that twist and bend into each other. Her process for composing is a little like making a sculpture — but instead of using clay, she uses sound.

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