Keeping COVID Tech Solutions Could Provide Better Access For Students With Visual Impairments

Michael Besson works on his homework in his backyard. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

Before COVID, one of Michael Besson’s biggest challenges in Boston Latin School was class change.

“My bag is pretty heavy and it took a lot of work to move around,” he explained. “Plus, hallways were crowded. I use a cane and that slows me down even more.”

Michael is legally blind.

“I can see, but I have no peripheral vision; I can’t see sideways,” Michael said. “It has given me several hindrances in life, but I work it out using a cane.”

In addition to books and binders in Michael’s bag, he was also toting around something called a near-distance CCTV which can magnify what’s on the white board or in a worksheet.

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