Facing Change: Immigration Enforcement


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The collection of stories and interview segments you’re about to hear are taken from NEXT, and are part of a reporting project we call “Facing Change.” It’s our look at how immigration and changing demographics are reshaping a very old part of our country . It’s been one of our two major news beats since our eight stations came together with CPB funding in 2016 – the other is climate change and renewable energy.

We’re focusing here on the most important thread of our immigration and demographics coverage in 2018: immigration enforcement. You’ll hear stories about deportation that take you both north and south of the US border, and to several New England states. You’ll hear how border patrol officers are trained and how immigration policy in Washington affects people who come to our region from around the world.

This topic is vitally important to the New England region, and to America as a whole. I hope you’ll listen to these stories and hear reporting that resonates with you, wherever you live.

See the full Facing Change project here

Track Listing:

Shannon Dooling, WBUR, “What a Boston Student’s Deportation Reveals About School Police and Gang Intelligence”

NEXT, “Families Separated By The Travel Ban Reunite In A Border Library”

Lorne Matalon, VPR, “Recent Human Smuggling Cases Shine Light On Vermont-Canada Border”

Lorne Matalon, VPR, “With Focus on Mexican Border, Greater Security Threat Could Be From Canada”

Robert Garrova, NHPR, “Facing Deportation Threat, This New Hampshire Family Is Looking for Answers”

Shannon Dooling, WBUR, “How U.S. Customs Officers Are Trained”

John Dillon, VPR, “Migrant Activists Question Why Feds Were Called After Farmworker’s Arrest”

Shannon Dooling, WBUR, “‘They’re Taking Them One By One’: A Family Divided By Immigration Status”

Diane Orson, Connecticut Public Radio, “With Legal Status Ending, A Salvadoran Dad Must Leave His Family Or Live In Hiding”