New Hampshire Governor Points Fingers For Fentanyl Problem; Massachusetts Responds

Gov. Chris Sununu and Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera clash over efforts to address drug crisis.

Governor Chris Sununu is getting attention for his recent claims that the city of Lawrence, Mass., is the main source of fentanyl hitting New Hampshire.

Critics accuse Sununu of pointing fingers – saying it’s not going to solve the state’s drug crisis.

Gov. Sununu has been talking a lot about Lawrence, Massachusetts this week. Here he is during an address at St. Anselm College Wednesday.

“Eighty-five percent of fentanyl in this state is coming straight out of Lawrence Massachusetts. Guess what? We are going in,” Sununu said. “We are going to get tough on these guys, and I want to scare every dealer that wants to come across that border.”

He said much the same thing in an interview with Boston Herald Radio later that day.

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