Newly Digitized Photo Album Shows 9/11 Attacks From Rarely Seen Perspective

An album showing photos of the September 11 attacks as taken by Liam Enea’s relative, Marianne Paglisi. (Credit courtesy of Liam Enea.)

A Connecticut teenager found a forgotten piece of history in a family album — photos of the September 11 attacks taken by a relative from a high-rise apartment in the Financial District.

Liam Enea is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut. He says his grandmother recently passed away. And before she died, she gave Liam’s mother a photo album of pictures taken by her sister — Liam’s great-aunt.

One photo shows the south tower in mid-collapse. Liam says many show the attacks from an angle he hasn’t been able to find in any other pictures from the day. Not that many photos were taken from nearby high-rise windows, compared to photos from street level.

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