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One Woman’s Quest To Help With Food And Family In Puerto Rico

Veronica Montalvo (not pictured) has spent time delivering food, water, and toiletries to Puerto Ricans outside of San Juan.

Veronica Montalvo was born in Willimantic and has lived in Hartford, Middletown, Waterbury — and, now, San Juan. She moved there earlier this year. And she weathered Hurricane Maria in her 300-year-old apartment building. She says the hours of howling winds were unbearable. The walls of her apartment were so wet they looked like they were crying. Part of her ceiling caved in.

And now, the aftermath.

Power is limited, communication is limited, food is limited. And so is Montalvo’s patience. She’s got pata caliente, she said. Hot foot. It’s that feeling that she’s got to get out and do something.

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