Episode 241: ‘Artemis’ Astronaut Reflects On NASA’s Mission To Land First Woman On The Moon; A Coastal Town Reckons With Sea Level Rise

NASA plans to land the first woman on the moon by 2024. This week on NEXT, we talk to a Maine astronaut who is part of the Artemis mission about why that milestone matters, and what it’s like to be in zero gravity. Plus, we’ll hear from two sisters who are participating in one of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials for children. And we visit one coastal community on the Cape that is considering a retreat strategy as sea level rises.


Jessica Meir, astronaut and member of NASA’s Artemis mission. 


Liz Neisloss, reporter at GBH
Children Volunteer To Test The Safety Of The COVID Vaccine

Lynn Arditi, health reporter at The Public’s Radio
Vaccine Inequities: Hundreds Of People From Across Rhode Island Sign Up For COVID-19 Shots Meant For Residents In Hard-Hit Neighborhoods

Angus Chen, CommonHealth reporter for WBUR
Each Day, Vaccine Workers Solve Tricky Math To Keep Doses From Going To Waste

Eve Zuckoff, Report for America reporter for CAI
Amid Climate Change Threats, Cape Planners Ask: Is It Time to Retreat from the Coast?

Barbara Moran, senior producing editor for WBUR’s Earthwhile
Mapping Project Explores Links Between Historic Redlining And Future Climate Vulnerability

Karen Brown, reporter at New England Public Media
‘Why’d You Pick Me?’ Eyewitness Reforms Offer Limited Help To Those Convicted Decades Ago

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