Episode 227: The Challenge Of Saving Right Whales From Extinction While Protecting Lobstermen’s Livelihood

A team attempts to free a right whale from fishing gear. (NOAA Permit #932-1905)

This week on NEXT, North Atlantic right whales are under threat of extinction. Scientists say entanglement in fishing lines is the main cause of death, but changing the way New England lobstermen fish won’t be easy. Plus, we hear from young climate activists pushing Massachusetts lawmakers to pass a bill requiring climate change education in K-12 classrooms. And the banner and burden of the phrase #BlackGirlMagic.


David Abel, filmmaker and environment reporter at The Boston Globe. His new film “Entangled” is about how climate change has accelerated the extinction threat to North Atlantic right whales and what that could mean for the lobster industry.

John Drouin, lobsterman in Cutler, Maine.


Eve Zuckoff, environment reporter for WCAI/Report for America
Teens Fight For New Climate Change Curriculum in Mass. Schools

Bruce Gellerman, senior reporter at WBUR
Farms Will Harvest Food And The Sun, As Mass. Pioneers ‘Dual-Use’ Solar

Liam Elder-Connors & Howard Weiss-Tisman, reporters at Vermont Public Radio
Vermonters Are Complying With Composting Law, Which Means … A Lot Of Food Scraps

Miriam Wasser, reporter for WBUR & Susan Sharon, deputy news director at Maine Public Radio
To Bring Loons Back To Mass., Biologists Must Convince The Birds This Is Home

Mark Flaherty writes the Weekly Bird Report for CAI
The ‘Penguin Of The North’ Causes A Stir Among Cape Cod Birders

Max Larkin, reporter at WBUR
How One Student Juggles Work, College And A Pandemic

Kayla Laguerre-Lewis contributed this piece to The Public’s Radio
The Banner And Burden Of Black Girl Magic

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