Episode 228: Getting The COVID Vaccine To New Englanders; Hunting And Hiking On The Rise Up North

Madelyn Pineda-Alvarez contracted COVID-19, as did two of her children and her husband. Like many who catch the coronavirus, she may never know exactly how her family became infected. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

The first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine are expected to arrive as soon as mid-December, but it’s up to each state to figure out how to distribute the vaccines. This week on NEXT, we’ll hear about who gets priority in New England. Plus, some health experts question whether contract tracing is worth the investment. And as hunting license sales boom and more people hit the trails in northern New England, the benefits of getting outside.


Christine Finley, immunization program manager for the Vermont Department of Health.

Erin Merrill, president of Women of the Maine Outdoors


Gabrielle Emanuel, reporter at GBH News
Massachusetts Scales Up Contact Tracing, But Some Experts Question Its Value

Angus Chen, health reporter at WBUR
More Mass. Residents Than Ever Have The Coronavirus. Where They Caught It Is The Mystery

Sarah Gibson, education reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio
How A Daily Zoom Call Became A Lifeline For COVID Response In N.H.’s North Country

Brenda León, reporter at Connecticut Public Radio/Report for America
Immigrant Woman Starts Food Pantry In Her Home To Help Undocumented Families

Jennette Barnes, reporter at CAI
COVID-19 Closed Showers for the Homeless. Quick Thinkers Came to the Rescue.

Howard Weiss-Tisman, reporter at Vermont Public Radio
To Survive The Pandemic, Vermonters Took A Hike

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