Episode 221: What’s Motivating Early Voters In New England; Toxic Dangers Lurking In Local Water

Early voters line up to cast their ballots outside of Fenway Park on Saturday, Oct. 17 in Boston. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

In-person voting has started in some New England states. This week on NEXT, we talk about what’s driving people to vote early in the 2020 general election. Plus, as temperatures warm due to climate change, toxic cyanobacteria are increasingly polluting our water. And we talk to author Jennifer De Leon about “Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From,” her new young adult novel set in Boston.

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  • This election is monumental for many New Englanders — no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. As Nov. 3 gets closer, how are you feeling about the election? Are you excited? Anxious?

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John Dillon, senior reporter at Vermont Public Radio.

Jennifer De Leon, assistant professor of creative writing at Framingham State University in Massachusetts. Her debut novel, “Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From,” came out this year. In the spring, she will also release a collection of personal essays, called “White Space: Essays on Culture, Race, & Writing.”


Todd Bookman, senior reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio.
N.H. Announces It Will Sue Massachusetts Over Cross-Border Income Tax Collections

Sofia Rudin, editor and reporter at The Public’s Radio.
Cranston voters line up to cast ballots, as early voting begins in RI

Brenda León, reporter at Connecticut Public/Report for America.
Local Registration Centers Vital For Potential First-Time Latino Voters

Eve Zuckoff, reporter at CAI/Report for America.
‘I Felt Like I Was Poisoned’; Toxic Cyanobacteria Blooms Imperil Region’s Ponds

Nancy Cohen, reporter at New England Public Media.
Could The Presidential Election Affect The Housatonic Cleanup?

Simón Ríos, reporter at WBUR in Boston.
Despite Eviction Ban, Some Landlords Pressure Tenants To Leave Amid Pandemic 

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