Episode 239: What High-Speed Rail Could Bring To New England; Vermont Town Mourns The Loss Of A Historic Bridge

The River Road covered bridge in Troy, Vermont collapsed in February due to a fire. (Anna Van Dine/VPR)

A new report shows that millions of homes across the country are at risk of flooding — and insurance companies aren’t keeping up. This week on NEXT, we explore the inequities and how this affects our region. Plus, we hear more about a proposal for high-speed rail across New England that Congress may consider soon. And we visit a Vermont town that’s mourning the loss of its historic covered bridge.


Rebecca Hersher, reporter at NPR’s Science Desk

Robert Yaro, leads the planning process for the North Atlantic Rail

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Frannie Carr Toth and Cloe Axelson, editors at WBUR’s “Cognoscenti”
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Todd Bookman, senior reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio
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Kirk Carapezza, managing editor and correspondent for higher education at GBH News

Sarah Gibson, education and demographics reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio
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Anna Van Dine, reporter at Vermont Public Radio
In Memoriam: Troy’s Only Covered Bridge

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