Episode 231: How Fighting For Marriage Equality Unmade A Family; N.H. Man Lands In 1st Amendment Dispute After Insulting Cops

Hillary Goodridge (left) with her daughter, Annie, and ex-wife Julie Goodridge. (Meredith Nierman/GBH)

This week, in a special episode of NEXT, we listen to a collection of award-winning stories from the New England News Collaborative — from a retrospective on the couple that fought for marriage equality in Massachusetts, and later divorced, to a close look at a First Amendment dispute in New Hampshire.


Todd Bookman, senior reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio
Model Citizen? No. But Exeter Man Is At Center of First Amendment Dispute

Gabrielle Emanuel, reporter at GBH Radio
How Making History Unmade A Family

Peter Hirschfeld, reporter at Vermont Public Radio
’12 Hours Of Burpee Madness’: Marine Vet Uses World Record Attempt To Build Suicide Awareness

Ana González and Alex Nunes, co-hosts of Mosaic from The Public’s Radio
What Happened To The Triple Decker Dream?

Martha Bebinger, reporter at WBUR
Inside A Boston OR, Surgery Shows Hospital’s Steps To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Eve Zuckoff, reporter for CAI/Report For America
Racing Against Climate Change: Falmouth Road Racers Feeling the Heat

You can find other award-winning stories from New England News Collaborative stations here:

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