Episode 247: ‘It’s My Future’: Young Activists Take On Climate Change; How We Can Adapt To Electric Vehicles

Azalea Morgan, 9, (left) and her sister Ember Morgan, 10 (right) stand with their bikes on the porch of their home in Andover, New Hampshire. The sisters biked to New York City from Andover with their mom to raise awareness of climate change in 2019. (Ryan Caron King/Connecticut Public/New England News Collaborative)

By the time today’s teenagers are fifty, they’ll be living in a very different New England. This week on NEXT, we hear from young climate activists around our region about how they’re responding to the threat of climate change. And after a year of no travel, why some climate researchers are reconsidering how much they fly. Plus, listeners reflect on their experiences with electric vehicles, and we talk with an expert about the future of EVs.


Leticia Colón de Mejias, founder and CEO of Energy Efficiencies Solutions and president of Green Eco Warriors in Connecticut.

Jessika Trancik, associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Institute for Data, Systems and Society, who studies energy technologies.


Annie Ropeik, climate, energy and environment reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio
‘It’s My Future’: A New Generation Of Young Climate Activists Takes The Helm In New Hampshire

Jesse Remedios, Boston University Fellow at WBUR
Grounded In Science, Climate Researchers Are Rethinking How Often They Fly

J.D. Allen, assistant news director at WSHU
Transmission Upgrades Could Hold The Key To New England Clean Energy Goals

Miriam Wasser, reporter at WBUR’s EarthWhile
‘I Feel Like I Have Already Lost A Home’: Young Environmentalists On Why They’re Fighting For Change

Eve Zuckoff, Report for America reporter for CAI
With A Drone and Patience, Scientists Track Endangered Right Whale in Cape Cod Bay

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