Episode 167: A Nephew’s Ammo Request Pushes Aunt To Raise Red Flag; Fall And New England Forests

Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont. (Mark Fleming/Yankee Magazine)

This week on NEXT:

A woman turns in her nephew to police after he asks to use her address to order high-capacity magazines for an AR-15-style rifle. 

We examine a new survey shows how wrong Americans are about the leading cause of gun deaths. 

Plus, a new rule could bring more development to the largest forested area east of the Mississippi.

His Aunt Saw Red Flags, Police Got A Risk Warrant.

Lee Ann Potter shows a video of Brandon Wagshol (left) on her cell phone. (Ryan Lindsay/Connecticut Public Radio)

A Connecticut man is expected to appear in court again this month, after he was charged with illegal purchase of high-capacity magazines. Only three New England states, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut, ban the purchase of high-capacity magazines for weapons. After receiving information from the FBI, police in the city of Norwalk used Connecticut’s red flag law as part of their investigation. Hear how a New Hampshire woman made the difficult decision to report a family member she thought posed a risk.

New England Hardwood Industry Struggles Amid Trump Trade War

Oak boards being packed at Cersosimo Lumber Company in Brattleboro, VT. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

From agriculture to steel, President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is taking a toll on many U.S. industries. But here’s one you might not have heard about: the hardwood lumber industry. Sawmills and lumber exporters are watching their top foreign market slip away. The hardwood industry accounts for tens of thousands of jobs in New England, but unlike other agricultural industries, it’s received no relief from the federal government. Learn more about the hardwood industry is trying to cope.

Six Days Of Fall In New England

Peacham, in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, hosts a week-long Fall Foliage Festival. (Mark Fleming/Yankee Magazine)

Last fall, Ian Aldrich took a six-day road trip through New England. He and photographer, Mark Fleming, travelled through Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont with a goal: to squeeze as much out of fall as they could. Aldrich wrote about his journey in the September issue of Yankee Magazine where he is deputy editor.

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