Episode 238: The Lasting Impacts Of The Station Nightclub Fire; What We Can Learn From New England’s Forests

A weir in Hubbard Brook where initial samples showing the effects of acid rain were taken decades ago, leading to the passage of the Clean Air Act. (Annie Ropeik/NHPR)

This week on NEXT, we hear about the enduring impacts of The Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island that killed 100 people in 2003. Plus, the mysterious history of Lost Nation Road in Vermont. And we visit an experimental forest in our region to gain new insight on New England research of the natural world. 


Scott James, journalist and author of “Trial By Fire: A Devastating Tragedy, 100 Lives Lost, and a 15-year Search for Truth”

Renee Wells, director of education for equity and inclusion at Middlebury College


Saraya Wintersmith, reporter at GBH News
To Help The Hungry, Community Fridges Spread Across Boston

Nina Keck, reporter at Vermont Public Radio
Brave Little State’s 3rd Annual Brief History Of Vermont Road Names

Annie Ropeik, environment reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio
Pandemic Sparks Innovation At N.H.’s Influential Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

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