Six New England Ski Resorts to be Sold

Sugarloaf in 2007.

Sugarloaf in 2007. Credit: Jack Heddon / Creative Commons 

In a big preseason sale, Sugarloaf, Sunday River and four other New England ski resorts are being sold. And that’s just part of an $830 million deal that includes ski resorts, theme parks and other recreation properties around the country.

Sugarloaf and Sunday River’s land and infrastructure are owned by a massive real estate investment trust called CNL Lifestyle Properties. Now the resorts are changing hands in a deal that involves two companies, Kansas City-based EPR Properties and Och-Ziff, a multibillion-dollar institutional asset management firm based in New York.

Och-Ziff will be the nominal owner of the Maine properties, although EPR is providing financing as well. The deal is expected to close in 2017.

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