Transmission Upgrades Could Hold The Key To New England Clean Energy Goals

NHPR file photo

President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal seeks to help reach the administration’s ambitious clean energy goals for the U.S. over the next decade.

Part of that means funding upgrades to the country’s electric transmission system — the poles and wires that everyone relies on to access power nearby or from hundreds of miles away. As New England experts explain, these upgrades are essential to reach clean energy goals in the region.

The Biden administration is poised to approve 10 new offshore wind projects in the Atlantic Ocean before the end of the year. Hundreds of turbines could be installed off the coast of New England over the next decade or more.

The power from those turbines needs to get from about 30 miles offshore to the regional power grid on land. Ann George represents the grid operator at ISO New England.

“You could build a transmission line through Long Island Sound,” George said. “That is a potential to bring the power through Long Island Sound and then connect into a Connecticut location.”

These transmission lines will be coming to coastal communities up and down the coast.

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