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UVM’s ‘Shark Tank’-Like Panel Helps Scientist Pitch Ideas To Industry

This is a small satellite. UVM researchers have won funding to develop special thrusters to better control the satellite’s positioning as it’s orbiting the earth. The tiny pink squares are arrays containing thousands of thrusters. Photo courtesy Ryan McDevitt

For many scientists, turning the results of their research into tools, products or patents means navigating the challenging — and often foreign — world of business. However, a “Shark Tank”-like effort at the University of Vermont that connects research scientists with industry leaders may offer a solution.

The idea started with a research scientist at Stanford.  For 20 years Daria Mochly-Rosen worked as chemist, researching different pharmaceutical therapies.

But she was frustrated that no one was licensing the patents that Stanford filed on some discoveries. So she says she took a year off to start her own company.

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