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As Vermont Solar Grows, National Companies Want In On The Market

Catamount Solar is installing an 8.7 kilowatt system in a homeowner’s yard in East Montpelier. Kestrel Marcel of Catamount Solar is connecting the optimizers, which are a converter technology that helps maximize the energy harvested from the panels. Photo by Kathleen Masterson for VPR

After years of encouraging solar development, Vermont seems to be attracting the attention of national solar companies.

Historically, most Vermont solar projects have been installed by homegrown businesses, but in recent years at least three big companies have started offering residential solar installations in the Green Mountain State.

The Utah-based company Vivint Solar recently announced it will be offering residential installations in Vermont. CEO David Bywater says his company was attracted to Vermont’s green policies.

“It’s always nice to have allies pushing for the green agenda, and helping the population adopt solar. So I’m actually embarrassed that we weren’t there earlier,” says Bywater.

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